Plan B contributors

Article writers and promoters
Nicholas Litsardopoulos

Nicholas is an economist, specialised in business entrepreneurship and startups. His research looks into the relations between opportunity and necessity entrepreneurship and unemployment.

Sebastian Aparicio

Sebastian is an assistant professor at Durham University and an External Researcher at Fundación ECSIM of Colombia. He is also a visiting scholar at the Institute for Development Strategies at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs in the United States.

Usamah Alhamad

Usamah specialises in international business consulting, and is an expert in doing business with companies based in Saudi Arabia.

Victor Querol Puyo

Victor is an entrepreneurship specalist with a long history in startup project consulting.

Athansios Salvanos

Athanasios is an expert in digital business development and online marketing. He works with both startups and established businesses to help them increase their market presence.